Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Red Car from Havana

Salute to Vermeer

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Last Works & Mail Arts

Yamdrok Lake Tibet-China


Blue is BACH!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It has been again a lot of time since the last time I had something to write. I am terribly sorry for that! Not because this blog has thousands of followers and I do let them down by not writing BUT it is because I lose easily my self discipline! And I, after all these years, find myself again as I used to be when I was in high school. The very same girl who waited until the last day before the big exam for studying and learning everything by heart! The thing is that I was very good in doing that! I would simply study the headlines and get one of the best grades amongst my classmates.  And I never, never had discipline! BUT always have been one of the best!!! 
Of course, this attitude or let say habit, becomes a part of you and you live like that for all your life. And that's me!!! 
So, today after a long time I went to ARTS-IN and Meral was there. After kissing and hugging each other, she reminded me of the two projects that are about to start. One was ''That's Where I Go'' and the other one was '' Symbols''...
I was not in the mood and didn't know what to do but still I sat down and tried to find something. I went through the pages of some books and magazines. And after doing some exercises I came out with this: 

I think this work incorporates different kinds of symbols. It has geometric symbols which have different meanings in different parts of the world. And on top of everything it has writings which ARE symbols themselves! To be honest I loved this work of mine and I will create a set of this kind of work in different colors. 
Hope you like it! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From Datça, Osman's Photo Exhibition to Italy

Oh yeah!!! Travelling is what I do for living but I like to travel also for pleasure, without groups, just for myself. I always loved it, did it when I had time and money and still doing whenever I can.
My first trip was with Osman, for his photo exhibition in DATÇA. Datça as I have been writing in my previous posts is a wonderful area of Turkey. It's very close to the point where Mediterranean meets Aegean Sea. All peninsula has a very strong energy flow, I could feel it all the time that I was there. So spending some days there has been definitely very rewarding in every sense of the word.
The exhibition was very good. The opening cocktail was very nice and simple. Wine and local fruits, nice people interested in arts, local authorities like the mayor of Datça added a lot of meaning to our important day.
One of the most beautiful moments of the opening was the speech given by the very much loved and respected painter Mr. İbrahim Çitftioğlu. Mr. Çiftçioğlu, explained the difference between taking pictures and being a PHOTOGRAPHER as an artist... Boy!!! That was a very good speech!!! I simply love Mr. Çiftçioğlu and love his art too!!!
This is Osman Erk

Mr. Çiftçioğlu giving his speech

Osman giving his speech

Osman signing his book 

Listening to Mr. Çiftçioğlu

So that has been a wonderful day. We enjoyed every moment of it... 

My second trip was to Italy. Where exactly? We went to Tuscany and Umbria, we stayed in small medieval towns in Umbria. We stayed in a typical Tuscan farm house for the wedding of Osman's friend daughter. That was magical. A ''dream come true'' for me. I will post some photos from those beautiful days later.